Who are We?

Hi it's Alan Kirke here
and may I first add...
The Bricklaying Industry has been very good to me.
Yes there have been some very shite days and great days laughing with fellow tradies.
Tears streaming down my face till my stomach hurt.

I still remember in my early days talking with Tony the painter(croation I think)
Telling a story about leaning out a double storey window to paint with a rope tied around his ankle for safety.
...needless to say you know what happened next.
It was the way he told the story in that thick European acsent with every fifth word being "Fu#ken" that made the story memorable.

A great memory...still smiling as I type.

I've been in the industry for over 30yrs.
Have had several apprentices of my own and in conjunction with business partners.
Bricklaying has provided great freedom and a reasonablly good income to support my family.

I've done my best to provide quality work always and taught the same principles to apprentices.
Now it's time for a new chapter.
I think the industry is in the midst of a major change in the next 20yrs possibly a lot sooner.
Bricks will still be here, but public perception to style and choice of products and new technology advances.
Will change and drag bricklaying along with it.

Update 2019
Short break on the Gold Coast (Hinterland) the estate I'm staying in.
90% no bricks,rendered poly,some maxi's on top, but very very few brick houses.

So it will provide some great opportunities and leave some methods behind.
This website will be an evolving platform and hopefully keep up.
What still inspires me are
*Industry changing
*For Brickies to Semi-Retire
*Document the Industry Through Photography (I am an enthusiast)
*Finally for the Single Bricky to survive well.
The last ten years I have for the most part been on my own laying bricks.
I'm enjoying slowing down on my own doing more medium to smaller size jobs.

I have also run coaching groups for small businesses.
Consulted to and set up SME's lead generation online in Industries from:
Car Paint Protection
Asbestos Removal 
High End Cake Making 
Pet Treats 
Copy writers
Real Estate Agents
I have enjoyed this a lot. Though it got to the stage where I was burnt out and lost the enjoyment.
So I stopped for years.
It was only in the last 18 months or so that a renewed vigour came back.
While working with a collegue.
Bricklayers 4 Hire & SemiRetiredContractors.com were created.
I am excited about helping other Bricklayers & Contractors finish their careers happy,healthy with freedom.
Photographing and being part of that change.

Alan Kirke
Professional Bricklayer
Semi Professional Entreprenuer
Semi Semi Enthusiast  Photographer

"The idea sparked one day as to why not create my own website for bricklayers and the industry (It's changing).I was creating them for other industries and people why not bricklayers.

Alan Kirke

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